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It's a trap!

Submission (Deadline: 8. July 2024)

Awards and Terms

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Due to the current situation (Covid-19), we are particularly looking for online formats and/or hybrid formats.


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Biography of the director/artist

Screening Link

Submissions please exclusively via viewing link from video portals such as Vimeo, Youtube, etc.
The link must be accessible until January 2024, so please no Wetransfer or Dropbox.
If the use of video portals is not possible, please explain the reason briefly ("country restrictions", etc.) instead of a link. In this case, please contact us after submitting by e-mail at

Medien in spacea, Network Culture, Expanded Live-Acts, Workshops

Please enclose detailed plans, information and technical specifications (including insurance value of required equipment)

Screening Link

Video links to demo material/documentation please exclusively via Vimeo, Youtube, Soundcloud, etc.<br>The link must be accessible until January 2024, so please no Wetransfer or Dropbox.


In case my work is not selected for the competition, I agree that my work will run in a special programme.

I agree to the transmission of excerpts of my work (60 sec. max.) for festival reporting on TV and publication on the Filmwinter-website and social media.

Requirements for participation

A contribution to the festival implies the acceptance of the Wand 5 conditions. I declare to be authorised to submit this work free of charge to the 38. Stuttgarter Filmwinter.

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It's a trap!

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  • at least 3 photos/stills (jpeg/tiff, printing resolution) for use on the catalogue and for press releases
  • If necessary, More Information/illustrative materials as PDF


  • Information/illustrative materials as PDF
  • detailed plans as PDF
  • technical requirements as PDF


  • Information/illustrative materials as PDF
  • technical requirements as PDF

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